Robert Ekas, Cop Flipper-Offer, Settles First Amendment Lawsuit for $4,000

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Robert Ekas has spent the last three years as a hero to anyone who's ever said "fuck the po-lice." He made headlines in 2007 when he flipped the bird to a sheriff's deputy in Clackamas, Ore. after a traffic stop and then did it again a month later during a different stop. Ekas, a former Silicon Valley techie turned mathematician, was detained but not charged for the gesticulation and soon after sued Clackamas County for unspecified damages, claiming the detainment violated his right to free speech. That lawsuit is now over. Ekas settled for $4,000, including $600 in legal fees.

The pair of middle finger presentations and Ekas' subsequent lawsuit earned him national attention. A Facebook fan page called "I Support Robert Ekas" was set up and a six-minute segment on the Comedy Central program "The Colbert Report" was devoted to him as a "Difference Maker."

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, meanwhile, has said it would offer "First Amendment training" to its deputies from now on.

Here's Mr. Colbert celebrating the right to extend that most expressive of digits.

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