Rep. Frank Chopp Set to Rumble With Conserva-Dem Mark Miloscia for Top House Post

Mark Miloscia01.jpg
Rep. Mark Miloscia thinks the Washington House of Representatives needs a new leader. Not to worry, though, Democrats; he's got just the man in mind: himself. The conservative Federal Way Democrat says the current House Speaker, Rep. Frank Chopp, has been been nothing but a letdown, and he's ready to take a run at ousting him.

He fired off this statement on Tuesday, making his aims clear:

"We need change. Our Democrat (sic) leadership has proved incapable of offering true hope to the people of Washington State and the vision and plans needed to address the growing problems we face during the greatest crisis in 80 years. Not one significant piece of government reform has passed the last two years. The projected budget deficits have increased to $14 billion and the suffering and job losses for people have worsened. This failure cannot continue."

It seems that Miloscia is hoping his Conserva-Dem credentials will help him piggyback on the voter anger that shifted state and federal legislatures across the country toward the right.

Chopp, meanwhile, hasn't said anything about the challenge yet.

But the well-oiled centrist is likely feeling the whole challenged-from-the-right thing is a bit ironic, considering the harshest criticism he's faced has typically been from progressives who are fed up with him always compromising with conservatives.

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