Raymel Curry Sucker-Punches Disabled Man On The Bus, No One Stops To Help (VIDEO)

Raymel Curry01.jpg
You may have heard about the incident back in September involving habitual asshole Raymel Curry sucker-punching a 55-year-old disabled man as he got off the No. 7 Metro bus, while a bunch of dumbfounded jerks stand around not helping. Well, the King County Sheriff's Office just released a video of the attack and, as one might expect, it's even more infuriating than it was described.

We're still on the fence over who's the bigger douchebag. Is it Curry (with his 50 arrests and declarations that "I'm in a gangster zone" and will "punch you on camera"), or the indifferent passengers with their deer-in-headlights stares at the departing assaulter, but nary a glance at the cold-cocked man on the ground?

You tell us.

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