Randy Moss the Newest Seahawk? Coach Pete Carroll Reportedly Hoping So

Six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Randy Moss, who recently inherited Terrell Owens' old spot as the NFL's biggest diva, was fired by the Minnesota Vikings on Monday. The move, which came after three consecutive losses and less-than-stellar performances from Moss, has nonetheless set off a storm of speculation across the league over who will hire the emotionally high-maintenance receiver. One man who appears ready for the task is Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. The P-I says "multiple sources" have said that Carroll is ready to claim Moss as the deep-threat receiver that he's always dreamed of.

And while the Seahawks have apparently not yet made a formal run at the player, wheels are already in motion. Under league rules, whether they will be able to get him will depend on if any teams with worse records try to claim him as well.

If Carroll lands Moss, he and the team will have to take all that comes with him. Lately, that's been a whole bunch of drama.

He was fined $25,000 last Friday for failing to make himself available to media. And when he did give a press conference after this past Sunday's game, he launched into a tirade about how he missed his old spot on the New England Patriots--the team who had just beaten his.

That's after a similar tantrum he threw when he was still employed by the Pats.

Par for the course for the receiver, who was recently named the No. 1 "most dramatic athlete in sports" by the Bleacher Report.

The man, however, can catch a football like none other when he's hot. And with Carroll's squad still reeling from the humiliating 33-3 loss to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, in which the team was denied any big plays, a shot to have Mr. Big Play himself come aboard is understandably tempting.

Sports Illustrated also laid out what it said was the top 10 potential homes for Moss, which, besides Seattle, include: Kansas City, Chicago, Miami, Indianapolis, New England, St. Louis, San Diego, Tennessee and Washington.

If, however, Moss does become the newest Seahawk, fans may be wise to allow a four-week grace period before buying any new jerseys, just to make sure he stays.

And now, because words fall short of the spectacle itself, here's Moss' latest press conference.

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