Pi Kappa Phi Bros Nab Serial Frat Burglar In The Act

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The bros at Pi Kapp House had been on tenterhooks for months. Someone kept sneaking into their house and stealing their shit. Lots of people had caught glimpses of him. No one knew who he was. That's until Pi Kappa Phi President Bryce Bennett and a couple of his frat brothers waited up all night for him to come back.

Around 4:05 am on Tuesday, Bennett says he was watching his laptop, which he'd connected to a new security video camera system he'd bought since the burglaries started a few months back.

The man, 44-year-old Moises Madrid, apparently snuck in a side door through the kitchen.

Bennett, along with fellow Pi Kapps Sean Beighton and Stephen Heppler, were crouched down the hall in the dining room. When Madrid poked his head through the door, the dudes pounced.

"He totally froze. The look on his face was like, 'Are you kidding me?' " Beighton said Wednesday

Back up bros soon swarmed in, holding down the man by his arms and legs until police came and cuffed him.

Turns out Madrid has a long rap sheet of burglaries perpetrated against the university's Greek populace. He'd first been caught back in 2000 by previous Pi Kappa Phi members in the basement of the dorm, and, in all, had been convicted five times for five separate fraternity break ins.

One can understand him trying to capitalize on the stereotype that frat members have money and expensive things lying around. But that money can also buy stuff like video surveillance systems that make it more difficult for serial scumbags to slip in undetected.

So for now, all's well on Greek Row.

Though with nearly a half dozen arrests for the same crime, Madrid will likely be sneaking around again before long.

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