Patty Murray Tops Dino Rossi On Huge King County Vote--Now Returns To Volatile Congress

She did it. Sen. Patty Murray got her fourth term thanks to a big ol' box of fuzzy voter love from King County. You're welcome, Senator. Republican challenger Dino Rossi made the concession call around 6pm. Murray had pizza and gave a lots of hugs. So what now?

What kind of atmosphere can Murray look forward to in a Congress painted several shades redder?

She'll be dealing with a Tea Party-buzzed House of Representatives that's eager to repeal the health care law, dismantle financial reforms and privatize anything that's not nailed down. And they'll now have the votes to try and do some of it.

She'll have a humbled president, who will likely somehow find a way to compromise more with the GOP than he has every day he's been in office.

And in her own chamber, the Senate, she'll have folks like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who, just hours before she won, laid out to the right wing Heritage Foundation what the one goal of the Republican Party will be from now on: defeating Obama in 2012.

But, we assume that between all that she'll be able to help with the whole 9 percent unemployment, broken health care system and under-performing schools thing in Washington.

And just so folks are clear about the dynamic Murray will be returning to, here's a perfectly executed juxtaposition of President Obama's conciliatory "let's work together approach" versus Mr. McConnell's "dump the Prez" message.

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