Patty Murray Reluctantly Agrees to Lead Senate Dems' Fundraising Efforts in 2012

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As we reported about a week and a half ago, rumors were flying around political circles that Washington's own Sen. Patty Murray might get picked as the next chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The job description for the position includes raising enough money to ensure that every Democrat who wants to stay a Senator after 2012 gets to do so. Now it's official, for good or for worse: Murray got the job.

This will be the second time the sneakered Senator has served as chair of the DSCC. The first time was in 2001 when she eagerly volunteered her services to then-Speaker Tom Daschle.

This time, the Seattle Times reports that she accepted the position only after being hounded by everyone from Sen. Harry Reid to Sen. Maria Cantwell.

There are 23 Senate Dems, and two independent Senators who caucus with the Democrats, up for re-election in 2012. And unless President Obama manages to shave several points off the unemployment rate, win the war in Afghanistan and convince the Tea Party that he's not Joseph Stalin reincarnate, they'll be facing very tough challenges.

Murray has a press event scheduled for 3 p.m. today in Olympia, where she's expected to say how much she's up to the task (before presumably passing around a hat for donations).

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