Patty Murray May Get Nod as Top Dem Cheerleader

Reid Murray.jpg
Patty Murray won reelection in Washington thanks to good old fashioned ground game tactics that fired up her base. This makes Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid very happy. So much so that the Washington Post is reporting today that he wants her to possibly head up the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which will be tasked with replicating her feat when 21 Senate Democrats come up for reelection in 2012.

The top cheerleader position is currently held by New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez.

Murray's office ducked the question when asked for a response by the PI, saying:

"Right now, Sen. Murray is focused on ensuring we continue work to create jobs, extend tax cuts for middle class families and small business owners, and improve our economy," said Matt McAlvanah, a Murray spokesman.

Murray ran the DSCC back before the 2002 election and raised a butt-load of money for her party, even though they ended up losing two Senate seats to Republicans.

Even still, it seems that Reid is likely expecting another tough cycle in two years and a classic Democrat who can turn out the base is just what the Senator ordered.

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