Olympia Burglars Tracked Down by Footprints and Tire Tracks in the Snow

snow footprints01.jpg
Sometimes life throws you a softball. Sometimes you're driving around in your police cruiser, humping the late shift, cursing the icy blanket of snow that's making your night miserable, when you get a burglary call. And sometimes that burglary call takes you to a fresh set of footprints and tire tracks in the previously despised powder the lead straight to a car full of suspects with the stolen goods.

Such was the case with a few Olympia Police officers, early Tuesday, reports the News Tribune.

After getting a call for a burglary at the Community Action Council offices on Griffin Lane around 3 am, officers showed up to check it out.

When they arrived, they supposedly found a car pulling out of the parking lot with its lights off, so they pulled it over.

And then, following the tire tracks backward through the snow, like a trail of Reese's Pieces, they traced the path to a set of footprints that walked right up to the now shattered front doors of the building.

After seeing that the snowy footprints were a match with the vehicle's occupants: Richard Meredith, Marcus Almanzor and Jamie Davis, from Olympia, Olympia and Tacoma, respectively, the officers searched the car and wouldn't you know it, they found a pry bar and a bunch of computers.

The three are now riding out the snow storm in jail and face charges of burglary.

We understand the officers did such a good job that they've now been reassigned to a team of authorities tasked with tracking down the vicious Gig Harbor bear that's still at large.

(not really)

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