Nintendo to Bring Old Trailer Full of New Tricks to Seattle

For months, all video gamers have heard in the way of news is "Playstation Move this" and "Microsoft Xbox Kinect that." It's no wonder that little old Nintendo--which was, after all, the first to dip into motion sensitive gaming with the Wii--might start to feel left out. The company today announced big plans to remind everyone how much they love Mario's machine and how all those fancy schmancy motion capture cameras on Playstation and Xbox don't outweigh classics like Donkey Kong.

Nintendo is dragging out its trusty Airstream trailer festooned with pictures of Yoshi, Mario, The Princess and Mr. Kong, and is carting it around to major gaming markets, including a stop in Seattle on Nov. 11.

Nintendo previously brought the same trailer to Seattle back in 2008.

Unfortunately, the Airstream is only open to media folks like us, though it appears the date may conflict with a long planned "Halo Reach" Xbox tournament that simply can't be rescheduled.

Inside the trailer, folks can apparently play the company's new line of cutesy games like "Kirby's Epic Yarn," "Donkey Kong Country Returns" and "Disney's Epic Mickey."

Microsoft and Sony, meanwhile, are content to nip at each other over whose motion capture system is more righteous (early reviews seem to contend that both could use some polishing).

So without the debut of a truly revolutionary new gadget, it seems Nintendo is falling back into its accepted role of offering cheaper systems and less violent games than the competition.

Whether anyone will turn off their new Kinect or Playstation Move long enough to notice remains to be seen.

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