Mayor Mike McGinn Calls Pot Policing Pow Wow

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Seattle cops only found two pot plants when they busted down 50-year-old Will Laudanski's door on Oct. 25 and raided the man's Leschi apartment. With a medical license that should have let him grow up to 15 weed plants for personal use, Laudanski was supposed to be legit. So since the raid, the American Civil Liberties Union has been wagging its finger vigorously at the Seattle Police Department for breaking its own rules on pot enforcement. Now, pro-toke Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wants to call the the forces together and hash out a new plan on policing within the gray area that is Seattle's pot laws.

The meeting's date is yet to be determined, but will include the Seattle City Attorney, King County Prosecutor, Seattle Police Chief, King County Sheriff and a Seattle City Councilman.

It should be a doozy, especially since McGinn is on the record as a supporter of full legalization of weed, while State Attorney General Rob McKenna is most definitely not. Not to mention that any public action involving pot laws attracts stoner activists like an open cookie jar.

In the wake of the raid, McGinn recently attempted to clarify his position on the drug, noting that in California you can practically gay marry your pot plant.

"When it comes to marijuana, we are in a time of transition," McGinn said in a statement. "Public opinion has been shifting toward legalization. California, our nation's social bellwether, recently decriminalized the possession of up to one ounce of marijuana. Voters there just defeated a measure to legalize and tax marijuana, but 46% of Californians voted for legalization."

In the meantime, SPD officers are supposed to clear all search warrants with assistant police chief Jim Pugel to make sure they aren't busting in on any more harmless 50-year-olds with chronic pain and a pot license.

But even if you are indeed a harmless 50-year-old with chronic pain and a pot license, we still wouldn't recommend telling that to any cops.

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