King County Police Officers Guild Ad Deceptively False

It used to be that facts were the one thing you couldn't spin. Hence them being facts. Nowadays, however, even facts are subject to political bullshitification. Case in point: the full page ad in Thursday's Seattle Times taken out by the King County Police Officers Guild.

As pointed out by the PI, the ad states that King County only spends a paltry 1.35 percent of its "overall budget" on the sheriff's office.

"That leaves 98.65 percent for them to spend on everything else," states the ad before noting some of those other things as: "foot ferries and gravel pits."

Only 1.35 percent? Boy, at that rate we should have two sheriff's offices.

The problem is: the guild isn't basing its math on the county's general fund budget--you know, the one that is actually used to pay for running the city. It's basing it on the overall $5.1 billion budget that factors in all kinds of capital expenses and transportation funds that pack two years worth of projections in, while the other budgets only pack one.

In other words, it's a completely different thing.

The amount of the general fund that the county spends on its sheriff's office is actually about 22 percent.

The Daily Weekly put a call in to KCPOG President Steve Eggert--a man whose reputation for avoiding the press is positively mythic. Thus, we're not holding our breath for a call back.

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