Josh Powell Claims Wife Susan Ran Away With Another Man

Josh Powell should probably go back to his previous strategy for dealing with the media: keeping his mouth shut. Last December, his wife Susan disappeared from their suburban Salt Lake City home. A stockbrocker who was the family's breadwinner, Susan was considered a great mom unlikely to simply leave behind her two young sons. But that's not the way Josh describes her now.

In the first major interview he's given since his wife's mysterious disappearance, Josh tells the Salt Lake Tribune that Susan ran out on him and their kids and won't return because she's afraid of how she'll be treated by her family..

Family and friends say Susan Powell would never abandon her kids, despite what her husband Josh is claiming.
"She knows she will be chewed up like hamburger when she comes back," he says. "She can't come back with them treating her this way. They want her to be perfect, a saint with no fallibility."

Not to be outdone, Josh's father put an even finer point on his daughter-in-law's disappearance, basically saying she left because she met a richer man. "Susan's very sexually motivated, and she's very financially motivated," says Steve Powell.

Of course, anyone who has actually followed Susan's case would be right to be completely skeptical of both Powells.

On the night Susan was last seen, Josh decided to take his two young sons camping in freezing Utah temperatures. Since then he's refused to help police locate his missing wife, shown little interest in the investigation and moved his boys to Puyallup to be closer to family. And when cops examined the couple's home, they found no signs of forced entry and multiple fans blowing on a spot of stained carpet that someone had tried very hard to get clean.

Steve Powell's portrayal of Susan as a money-grubbing whore also doesn't jibe with the person he's describing.

According to her family, Susan was in an abusive relationship. Although she earned the lion's share of the couple's money, Josh kept it from her by changing the access codes on their bank account.

Friends say that Josh's bad investments left the couple near poverty. They filed for bankruptcy two years ago. And Susan was apparently forced to take up gardening just to help feed her family.

Friends also say that Susan was on the verge of leaving Josh before their April wedding anniversary. She'd recently opened up a bank account in her own name to help stow away money. But she never got the chance to make good on her plans.

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