Cliff Mass Asks That You Not Freeze to Death Tonight

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Cliff Mass has been busy over the past 24 hours. "It's been an exhausting day," the weather guru says by phone from his office at the University of Washington, where he's been tracking the season's first snowstorm. On his blog, Mass says "the show is not over yet." So what might Mother Nature's second act look like? According to Mass, a little something like what Bellingham is going through right now. Which means you should either do as he's doing in the photo to the right and bundle up. Or, better yet, stay in your damn house tonight.

Mass says the wind up north is howling at more than 50 mph, and that those cold gusts are headed our way. So how chilly will it get? The Eastside will see single digits, he says, while the rest of Seattle will probably stay in the teens, albeit just barely.

"We're talking about really cold conditions that we haven't seen since last December," he says.

Which brings up the other issue: the slush. Mass rode into work today on the Burke-Gilman trail. But he says he's not counting on having the same commute tomorrow, given that anything slushy will freeze overnight.

As for the Department of Transportation, whose performance is being watched closely after 2009's Snowmageddon, Mass says that, so far, it's passed with flying colors. Last night, on a drive to the airport, he says he saw de-icing trucks out in force. But the real test, he insists, will be tonight: "They better get anything that's wet off the roads now while they still have a chance."

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