James L. Crabtree, Former Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy, Arrested for Four Loko DUI

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I'm sincerely hoping this will be the last Four Loko-related post I write for a while--as I'm guessing you are too. But this fruit is just too low-hanging to pass up. Anyhow, James L. Crabtree is a former Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy who loves him some drunk driving. In 2001, he got coked up and plowed his car into a sheriff's deputy's car. In '06, he got drunk and did it again to another car. Now it seems the 49-year-old is going for lucky number three.

On Wednesday, after allegedly chugging some Four Loko, Crabtree decided to take a drive. And after reportedly passing out at the wheel and swerving all over Broadway Avenue, concerned drivers took matters into their own hands and managed to block his car to one side of the road while police came and arrested him.

They found the can of Loko in his car.

Normally, a man in the depths of a Four Loko binge doesn't suffer from drowsiness, especially at 3:30 in the afternoon when this happened. Then again, when he was booked into jail, he apparently had a sedative pill in his pocket, which, if he had any that he didn't save for later, would have certainly accounted for his dozing.

Crabtree's first DUI nearly killed Sheriff's Deputy Earl Howerton when he crashed into his cruiser. For two years the deputy recovered from his injuries.

His stint with the sheriff's office was admittedly short--serving as a deputy from 1983 to 1986.

But it did leave him plenty of time to start his current career as a hugely successful chronic inebriate.

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