Dave Reichert, Former King County Sheriff, Shoots Down Microsoftie Suzan DelBene for Congressional Seat

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Congressman Dave Reichert will be returning to Congress having defeated Microsoft executive Suzan DelBene. The former King County Sheriff enjoyed his largest margin of victory to date, winning by nearly 55 percent so far.

Speaking before supporters in Bellevue last night, the incumbent was beaming confidence and seemed ready to get back to D.C.

"We're excited about the change - and real change - that is about to take place," Reichert promised. "We're going to make government accountable to the people."

On the hit-list for Democrats nationwide, Reichert has been the target of endless campaign expenditures and some of the sleaziest attacks in recent years in an attempt to flip the swing district.

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Having survived a Democrat Blue Wave in 2006 and Barack Obama' s coattails in 2008, Reichert has become something of a political survivor. His opponent's war chest included over $2 million of her own money.

Reichert appeared clear-eyed and lucid last night, calling out to supporters by name and conversing easily with the press. In the last weeks of the campaign, nearly libelous smear campaign was launched by detractors, including a local newspaper in town, alleging the Congressman was somehow brain-damaged after an accident he had suffered working in his yard months before.

Once again, voters in the Eighth District didn't buy it.

With Republicans back in control of Congress, Reichert said that he is angling for a spot on the powerful Ways and Means committee, a position once held by his predecessor, Jennifer Dunn.

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