Jordan En'Wezoh: UW Junior, Major in Communications, Minor in Four Loko

Jordan En'Wezoh: there are none more Loko.
To say that Jordan En'Wezoh is not happy about the recent statewide ban on caffeinated alcohol drinks like Four Loko would be a gross understatement. On Thursday night, the 21-year-old communications major at the University of Washington was just getting back from a 7-Eleven in Wallingford with three cases of the stuff. He'd have bought more, but that was all they had.

He's one of dozens of UW students who, he says, are stocking up on the devil juice before Thursday, when the ban takes effect and the stores run dry.

He's not throwing a party, but rather just "stocking up and hoping for the best."

"I plan on buying even more," he tells the Daily Weekly. "I hope to have 10 to 12 cases before Thursday."

Stores all around Washington are apparently seeing Four Loko fly off the shelves. The AP reported earlier on Thursday that a store near Gonzaga University sold 30 cases of it in about 24 hours.

We talked to stores around Seattle, including 7-Elevens on N.E. 50th Street, W. Nickerson Street, Stone Way N. and Phinney Avenue N.. In each case, the managers said they could barely keep the shelves stocked.

En'Wezoh isn't surprised.

"It's just better than beer," he says. "You can get a buzz real fast. It's cheap and it gets you drunk."

So the next week seems to be set for En'Wezoh. He's got three cases of Loko on hand. Plus, statewide it's officially Four Loko Week, according to an event listing circulated on Facebook.

But what will he do after Thursday, when stores can no longer stock his favorite forbidden libation?

"I guess I'm prepared to drive to Oregon or Idaho," he says. "Hopefully I'll be pretty well stocked-up before that, though."

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