Facebook Post Gets Cops Called to Underage Party

The pros of using Facebook are coming dangerously close to being outweighed by the cons. Using the site can now get you fired, caught cheating on your spouse and cost you your identity. It can also apparently get the cops called to your underage kegger.

Nine people between 17 and 20-years-old were arrested in Toledo, Wash. over the weekend by Pierce County Sheriff's Deputies on underage drinking and DUI charges, after one of the partygoers had the bright idea to post details of the fiesta on Facebook.

The post apparently had a list of its supplies which included: "two kegs of beer, vodka-jello shots and a 'Sexy Costume Contest.'"

Deputies say the Fluckiger Road bash drew some 300 people, which, considering that Toledo has a population of 653, makes it one of the most well-promoted parties in history.

Unfortunately, with 300 people sharing two kegs of beer, each person would have only got about one cup each, then been forced to fight over whatever jello shots remained. And we all know how ugly that can get.

KING 5 News posted a video on Monday, which includes one concerned old neighbor to the party who makes the self-defeating proclamation that she's "no fuddy-duddy."

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