DEA Bans "Fake Pot" Products From Sale in U.S.

It's almost time to start a four-day holiday weekend. Personally, I can't wait to go home, kick my shoes off, roll up a fatty blunt of fake weed and smoke it to my dome. All I have to do now is last a few more hours without Uncle Sam doing something rash like banning fake weed.


Looks like replica reefer has now joined caffeinated booze on the list of simple pleasures I can no longer partake in.

The Drug Enforcement Agency issued an emergency ban today on five chemicals that are used to make fake pot products like "K2," "Blaze" and "Red X Dawn" that are sold in head-shops in dozens of states, including Washington.

The products are basically common herbs that are sprayed with chemicals and, when smoked, puts one in a state somewhere between "not quite high" and "I have a bad headache."

The DEA says the products' chemicals "mimic THC" and are a problem with teens and young adults.

So you hear that, teens and young adults? Smoke up that fake weed now, because after this it's nothing but real weed from then on.

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