David Coffin Deemed Legally Insane When He Stabbed Mother to Death

There are times when the American justice system brings resolution to victims of crime and rehabilitation to offenders. But there are many more times where whatever outcome produced by the courts only adds confusion and heartbreak to what was already an unbearable situation. The sad tale of David Coffin appears to fall into the latter category.

As reported today by the Herald, Coffin was the adopted son of Gloria Studdard, 60, of Bothell. He had severe bipolar disorder and required intense care. Studdard had long provided that care, painstakingly monitoring his treatment, as documented in 500 pages of notes she kept on his progress.

Despite all this, Coffin told a Snohomish County judge that one night he had a dream in which his relatives came to him and inspired him to try and kill his mother. So in April of 2009, while Studdard was clipping coupons on her couch, Coffin snuck up behind her and brutally stabbed her with a kitchen knife.

The woman was rushed to the hospital where she was treated and looked to be out of the woods, only to sicken after her release and die shortly afterward.

On Monday the court ruled that Coffin was insane at the time and didn't know right from wrong.

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Linda Krese acquitted him of murder, but sent him to a mental hospital for indefinite treatment.

While he may or may not have known what he did was wrong, Coffin showed every ability to show remorse, saying:

"I'm really sorry I did this. I know my family is hurting inside. So am I. I wish I could take it all back, what I did. I think about my mom all the time. I know she's in Heaven. I'm praying about it a lot."

His sister, Tami Cox, meanwhile could only offer a promise of future forgiveness.

"No one could love us more than mom... I don't hate you, David. I do hate what you have done. I will try to forgive you. I will try."
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