Attention Burglary Victims: King County Sheriff's Office Has Your Cigars (PICS)

White House Humidor01.JPG
OK, readers. Raise your hands if you live in Shoreline, north King County, or south Snohomish County. Now keep them raised if your house has been burglarized anytime in the last few years. Finally, raise your hand extra high if you own a completely sweet White House-themed humidor packed with cigars. Even if you don't own the humidor, the King County Sheriff's Office may have still found your stolen shit.

On Nov. 5, the deputies raided a storage locker in Monroe that they say was owned by a notorious group of burglars.

In it they found everything from the aforementioned humidor, to bikes, golf clubs and jewelry.

The sheriff's office says it will have a website up soon that details the items and that people who think any of it is theirs will soon be able to prove it, then take it back.

Here's some of the goods.

Looks like a normal White House sculpture, eh?

White House Humidor01.JPG

Boom! Cigar anyone?

White house humidor02.JPG

There's also some bikes, clubs and gee-tars.

burg bikes golf clubs01.JPG

Plenty of jewelry.

burg jewlry01.JPG

And enough guns to start a small militia.

burg guns01.JPG
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