Alcoholic Whipped Cream Dubbed the "New Four Loko"

The internet is abuzz today with reports of alcohol-infused whipped cream being the "new Four Loko." Companies like Whipped Lightning and Cream make several delicious flavors of boozy whipped goodness that have apparently topped the jello shots and baked goods of college kids in Florida ... And cue the media freakout that it's a "safety threat to students."

At the center of the controversy is the products' alleged huge alcohol content (18 percent, making one can equal to about three beers). But anyone who puts away an entire can of whipped cream in one sitting--alcoholic or otherwise--likely needs to worry more about indigestion and weight gain than drunkenness.

There's also worries that folks will get high off the nitrous oxide gases that pressurize the can, thus making it a deadly trifecta of dessert, booze and whip-its.

Alcoholic whipped cream has yet to make it to Washington state liquor store shelves, mainly because any alcoholic product other than beer and wine has to cut through exponentially more red tape in order to be sold here than it would in most other states.

Brian Smith, spokesman for the Washington Liquor Control Board, tells Seattle Weekly that alcoholic whipped cream products haven't come up for review by the board yet, and that there are currently no pending requests that they be reviewed.

But given that this product has even a slight possibility of being marketed toward kids (despite the fact that alcohol can be found in countless other desserts) it's probably a guarantee that Washingtonians will never know the pleasure of upending a can of Whipahol into their mouths, chasing it with a slice of rum cake, then smiling all the way to their AA meeting and Jenny Craig workout.

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