Why Washington State's Flag Always Flies on Saturdays

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Gameday is to college football as Rolling Stone is to music. Just as the venerable magazine will always send correspondents to Bumbershoot or Coachella, each Saturday ESPN's traveling circus broadcasts from the campus featuring that week's most exciting game. Which means Gameday has never gone, nor will ever go, to Pullman, home to the Washington State Cougars, college football's version of a festival consisting of nothing but Nickelback cover bands.

Washington State fans are painfully aware that when God was handing out team allegiances, they got the one that trips while running the 40. So they've improvised.

Figuring that if Gameday wouldn't come to Pullman they'd send Pullman to Gameday, for the past seven years a few members of a Cougar message board have devised a point-by-point plan to FedEx the Cougar flag all over the country in order to get in front of ESPN's cameras. Deadspin got its grubby little hands on said plan. So now we get to see just how much tactical strategizing goes in to reminding America that your team still exists.

Step 1: Establish glorious legacy

washington cougars manual 1.jpg

Step 2: Case the joint

washington cougars manual 2.jpg

Step 3: Visualize your target

washington cougars manual 3.jpg


washington cougars manual 4.jpg

Step 5: When to wave

washington cougars manual 5.jpg

Step 6: Crowd control

washington cougars manual 7.jpg

Phew. Now if only Washington State's coaches, recruiters and boosters would put as much effort into building a winning program as their fans put into mailing a piece of cotton around the country...then we wouldn't be writing about it.

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