What to Do if a Mountain Goat Attacks? Run

mountain goat 3.jpg
On Saturday, hiker Bob Boardman died after being gored by an aggressive mountain goat in Olympic National Park. There's no indication that Boardman did anything to provoke the goat. Nor that he could have done anything to keep it from charging. But he didn't do the one thing that experts recommend when faced down by a threatening ungulate: he didn't run.

From Slate:

Mountain goat attacks are rare, and unprovoked fatal gores are virtually unheard of. The animals normally become aggressive only when they feel trapped, so in a confrontation with one of them, your best tactic is to flee. You won't be able to outrun a mountain goat, but it probably wouldn't pursue you very far. If a goat does come after you, try taking an aggressive posture and pelting your attacker with rocks. Although an attempted stoning by would-be rescuers didn't seem to scare Saturday's murderous goat, a similar approach tends to work pretty well against ungulates.
The more you know, I guess.
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