What Made Adam Knapp Drive the Wrong Way Down Highway 509?

adam knapp crash.jpg
What made him do it? That's the question family, friends and victims of Adam Knapp, the Federal Way man who drove the wrong way down Highway 509 in Burien, are asking. It all began near midnight on Monday, when an ambulance driver saw Knapp u-turn his Subaru Legacy into the oncoming lane.

The ambulance driver was on the phone with 911 when he saw Knapp collide head-on with a Ford Explorer. Knapp then jumped out of his Subaru, leaped over the freeway divider and was struck by four cars, including the ambulance trying to come help him. He died on the scene.

The Times reports that family members told state troopers that Knapp had "some issues." But what those issues are isn't clear.

The 31-year-old woman driving the Explorer was taken to Harborview where she's in critical condition. Her two passengers are also in the hospital, both in serious condition. Knapp was 30-years-old.

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