Today in Sex: Who Hasn't Wrapped Their Lips Around a Nasal Dildo?

Wouldn't you expect that someone named Krystal Ball would have a sense of humor? Then again, perhaps being the butt of so many jokes has completely obliterated her funny bone. Who knows. But when a republican blog dug up "racy" photos of the would-be congresswoman from Virginia pretending to fellate a penis mask, instead of laughing it off, Ball went into a snit.

I mean, here is a woman who, just six short years ago, was at a party, leading her penis-faced then-husband around on a leash—what a fun-haver! Everyone in the photos looks kind of wasted, very young, and extremely silly. As you'd expect from a bunch of kids who've just graduated college. The proper reaction to the unearthing of these relatively tame pics should've been a shrug, followed by a "so what?" I mean, it's not like she's diddling a farm animal or even showing pink. Jeez.

But not only is Ball furious that the photos were made public, she's stupidly labeling their outing "sexist." Please. Believe me, if there were photos of Obama or Bill O'Reilly giving a hummer to a nasal-knob we'd be laughing at them too.

Though some might consider the pics NSFW, unless you're Amish, they're pretty mild. Just a couple drunk kids acting stupid. There's no criminal behavior, no lewdness, hell, not even a nip slip. Lighten up, Krystal Ball. Then come on over to my house —I've got a Polaroid collection that puts the NFW in NSFW.

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