The Closest You'll Ever Get to President Obama (PIC)

obama kissing mccain.gif
Let's face it, the odds are good that neither you nor I will ever be up close and personal with President Barack Obama. Short of saving a flaming school bus of orphans from plummeting off of a cliff (fingers crossed), you probably shouldn't hold your breath for that White House invitation. So the best time to get some QT with the prez might be now, while he's in our city. That's what happened to one lucky Seattleite. After the jump, check out a photo representing the closest you (or I) will ever get to the president.

obama close-up.jpg

Flickr user Tyler Kalberg was downtown when he managed to snap this shot of Obama while apparently shaking the man's hand at the same time. Impressive. Bonus shot of Bo!

bo the first dog.jpg
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