Texas Gov. Rick Perry Tries to Steal Seattle Businesses

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Rick Perry, the firebrand Texas governor who wants his state to be its own separate country, decided to stick his neck into the fight over Washington's sale tax initiative, I-1098. He sent letters last Friday to 90 businesses including Amazon, Starbucks and Microsoft, saying that if the measure passes and individuals earning more than $200,000 per year have to pay state income taxes, they should relocate their businesses to the Lone Star State where there are none.

"If Washington doesn't want your business, Texas does. Texas has no personal income tax and no interest in getting one."

Perry may be upset that Washington beat out Texas in Forbes Magazine's latest ranking of the top states to do business in (Washington placed fifth;Texas, seventh). Or maybe he just wants to put himself back in the news now that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White has begun cutting into his seemingly insurmountable lead in the polls, reducing it to single digits.

Whatever the case, Texas and Washington are far from the only states that don't collect income taxes. Other income tax-free states include Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Each of these states also has the added benefit of not being on the hook for fighting a civil war, should Perry go through with his threats of secession.

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