Should Boeing Repent for Torture Flights?

Pete Jackson over at is trying to make the case against Boeing and its involvement in the CIA rendition flights during the Bush administration - and continued under the Obama administration. While not technically liable (as SW has reported, Boeing's Seattle unit was essentially the CIA's travel agent), "the company was morally wrong to abet torture," Jackson thinks.

Transporting prisoners for purposes of bone-breaking also runs counter to the company's stated values. The Boeing Company Code of Basic Working Conditions and Human Rights declares that ''Boeing is committed to the protection and advancement of human rights in its worldwide operations...''

Aiding and abetting the kidnapping of suspected terrorist for torture doesn't seem to fit that fine credo. But, as an Xcut reader comments, "Holding Boeing and [its subsidiary] Jeppesen accountable is like trying to hold them accountable for terrorists crashing Boeing airplanes into targets in the US."

Actually, it's not: Boeing was a willing and aware participant in the CIA's operation - and has invoked national security to avoid admitting it. But a good debate it is.

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