Shane Dean Olsen Gets 11 Years for Beating His Infant Son Nearly to Death

The baby's skull was crushed. His ribs and neck were fractured and his liver was lacerated. A doctor told police he may never breathe on his own again. That's what 19-year-old Olympian, Shane Dean Olsen did to his two-month-old son because apparently he thinks the best remedy for a crying baby is to beat the crap out of it. And on Thursday, a Thurston County judge sent him to prison for 11 years for his deeds.

Olsen was watching his newborn at his girlfriend's sister's house and when she went to work, he stayed home to watch the kid. It's unclear what happened in the five hours that Olsen was left with the baby. Doctors said he'd been beaten with a blunt object. Olsen eventually said he threw the kid down on the ground because he wouldn't stop crying.

Whatever the case, when his mom came home she noticed he wasn't breathing well.

And after an emergency helicopter flight to Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma, the doctor returned the dire prognosis. Besides the bevy of new injuries from Olsen's latest freakout, they found older, healed injuries that suggested prior abuse.

When Olsen gets out of prison, he'll never be allowed to see his son again and he'll have to get permission from the Washington Department of Corrections to interact with any child.

And word on the street is his new housemates hold a special regard for child abusers.

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