SeaTac Worker Busted After Allegedly Bragging About Child-Rape Photos to Co-Worker

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It takes a special kind of creep to fly halfway across the world, rape a young girl and record the experience. But even the most brazen perv knows better than to do what police are accusing a 60-year-old SeaTac worker of doing last month.

According to police, the man didn't just admit to having sex with a young girl during a recent trip to the Philippines, he actually bragged about it to a co-worker. Here's how investigators say it went down.

The man first called over a fellow employee at the Delta terminal to show off some photos he'd taken on his iPhone. When the first photo popped up, it allegedly showed a young girl performing a sex act on an older man. Another photo showed the employee sitting next to three young Asian girls, between the ages of seven and 11.

According to court documents obtained by the P-I, the suspect asked his stunned co-worker, "Guess which one of those was doing it?" A query which he then answered himself by saying, "It was the little girl."

Being a decent human being sufficiently shocked by kiddie porn, the co-worker then called police. A search on the suspect's phone then allegedly turned up eight more photos depicting child pornography.

The suspect is currently being held on $50,000 bail. He has not yet been charged.

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