Port Angeles Green Lights Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Keith Thorpe/Peninsula Daily News

Finally, a reason to visit Port Angeles besides those Twilight dreamboats! The Peninsula Daily News reports that the Port Angeles City Council has given the okay for a medical marijuana dispensary to open. With the assistance of the city police chief, city attorney and city planners, the Council confirmed that it complies with the city's municipal code and state law. The man behind the dispensary, Richard Pharr, approached the city three weeks ago asking for approval.

After applying for the building occupancy permit, Pharr hopes to open the dispensary, called Olympian Canna, within the next month. The location will not be public; appointments will have to be made over the phone. He says that he will check each patient's authorization to use medical marijuana with their doctor. Pharr is no stranger to medical marijuana--he received authorization from his doctor for spinal injuries from a construction site--and wants to help patients who can't grow it themselves.

Since it is still illegal to sell marijuana in Washington, the dispensary will charge for services, not the drug.

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