Police Looking for Molotov Cocktail Wielding Seahawks Fan

Perhaps no one told him that the Seahawks won on Sunday. Either way, police were scouring Capitol Hill yesterday after a man dressed in a Seahawks wind breaker walked into the light rail station in construction at 10th Avenue E and E. John Street and started asking questions about the site's security. Workers say he was carrying liquid filled bottles with rags stuffed in the tops of them.

The incident happened around 2pm on Tuesday, freaking out several construction workers, all of whom had abandoned their plans for inciting anarchy after the 'Hawks big win over the division rival Arizona Cardinals this weekend.

Capitol Hill Seattle reports that cocktail connoisseur is described as a white male, around 5'10" in his late 40s, with thin frame and complementing his windbreaker with blue jeans.

No arrests have been made.

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