Pierce A. Dubois Charged With Murder Over "Baby Mama" Drama

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Urban Dictionary defines "Baby Mama" as "the mother of your child(ren), whom you did not marry and with whom you are not currently involved." So one might think that an accusation of whether or not someone else has slept with said baby mama would not rise to warrant shooting them six times. Well, if so, you'd apparently be wrong. Pierce A. Dubois is saying that's exactly the reason he was pissed off at Jarret Jackson and Seattle police say it's why he killed him.

The shooting went down in Seattle's International District around 2:40 am on Sunday on the southwest corner of 12th Avenue South and South Jackson Street.

An off-duty cop says he heard three or four gunshots and, shortly after, saw a man in a white shirt running away. When on-duty police showed up they saw a Cadillac Escalade near the scene with its headlights off, then a man suddenly jump out of it and flee. He was also wearing a white shirt.

Dubois swears that he only sucker punched Jackson when he accused him of shacking up with his BM. And if that's true, then getting punched by one guy then immediately shot five times by another has got to rank up there as one of the worst couple minutes ever.

Dubois' credibility, unfortunately, isn't helped by his rap sheet, which includes three convictions for possession of drugs, two awaiting cases for possession of cocaine and one case of unlawful possession of a stolen 9mm handgun.

The baby mama at the center of all this has yet to speak up. But considering there are men willing to shoot someone over the mere accusation of sleeping with her, one can only assume that she's quite a woman.

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