Patty Murray's Meat Dress Gets Seattle Weekly Issue Banned From Washington State Ferries

After hearing that the current issue of Seattle Weekly was pulled from the shelves on all Washington State Ferries, I called up WSF spokesperson Marta Coursey to see what was going on. She said that although WSF did not receive any complaints, the issue was pulled because, "I don't want to have to receive a complaint about it." Here's what else we talked about:

I hear Seattle Weekly got banned from the ferries. Why?

We removed it because of the photo of Patty Murray. We thought it was distasteful. We pulled one I think three years ago when it was a caricature of Sweeney Todd slashing Santa's throat during the holidays. We decided to pull it because we thought it was denigrating to women. It was not in keeping with what we want our customers to have to view. I thought it forwarded a disrespectful attitude toward a public figure.

Last year when WSF was snubbed after ferry funds were doled out from the Recovery Act, Murray was "furious" and managed to get an extra $7 million for WSF. So is this just WSF sticking up for Patty?


No. It wouldn't matter if it's a politician or any minority or a kid. It's just a matter of putting a woman in a meat suit is just not something that we would condone.

What if it was Dino?

God love you, Chris, you're hilarious.

Is that a no?

I'm not going to speculate on that.

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