Matt Hasselbeck's Strange South Park 'Cameo' (VIDEO)

hasselbeck on south park.jpg
South Park did an "Inception" spoof on Wednesday night. *BRAHHHM* If you're familiar with South Park and familiar with "Inception" (*BRAHHHM*) then you can probably already guess that the spoof centered around the movie's increasingly disorienting, dream-within-a-dream plot twists. But I bet you didn't also guess that the episode featured a strange cameo from Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, didyanow smart guy?! [*BRAHHHM!*]

I don't know. Kind of funny, but South Park in the past few years has kind of gotten annoying. I don't really mean that. I just wanted a fluid transition to the next paragraph.

Speaking of annoying, why does Matt Hasselbeck insist on spelling his last name that way? Why's he gotta be all stubborn, huh? Why can't he just spell it the way I always seem to misspell it? It's HassLEbAck -- HASSLE-BACK -- you stubborn ass.

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