Magic Johnson Sells off Starbucks Stock, May Be Buying Sports Team

NBA legend and healthiest HIV-positive man in history, Magic Johnson, just hocked his stock interest in 105 Starbucks coffee shops for a cool $73 million. The move comes less than a week after the Hall of Famer sold his share in the Los Angeles Lakers for $100 million, and has led to more than a few rumors that he's trying to bring a new NFL team to L.A. We ask: "why not an NBA team for Seattle?"

Forbes Magazine lists Johnson with a net worth of $500 million. Buying a professional sports team can range from $150 million for your lowly, bottom-ranked National Hockey League team, to $1 billion for a superstar franchise like the New York Yankees. NBA teams cost an average of $247 million a pop, while NFL teams go for around $530 million--a mark that Magic is apparently a shaved hair away from.

Whatever the former NBA star does with his cash is fine with us. But considering that almost a seventh of his wealth came from a Seattle-based company, it seems only right that he at least consider bringing the NBA back to the Emerald City. It would cost a lot less. And besides, L.A. already had its go with a football team. Anyone remember the Los Angeles Rams? Didn't think so.

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