John William Black Accused of Luring 3-Year-Old at Bowling Alley

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Michael Boone and his buddies have found a way to bowl without having to hire babysitters: one dad looks after the kids at the Tacoma lanes where they meet every week while the others sling Ebonite. It's an elegantly simple design meant to ensure the little ones don't accidentally mistake a bowling shoe for a pacifier. But it also works well in discouraging alleged creeps like John William Black.

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For merely kicking a man who tried to lure his daughter, Michael Boone is automatically eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Black, 56, was in the middle of the alley's busiest area, right near the cash register, when he reportedly kneeled down in front of Boone's three-year-old daughter and tried to lure her outside.

"Come on," he said to the little girl, holding his arm outstretched towards the exit. "Your mommy's waiting for you in the car."

Boone told KIRO that he stood there dumbfounded for a second until Black reached for his little girl. "And then I did what a father would do," he says.

Showing the restraint of a Quaker, Boone merely knocked Black to the ground, then escorted him out of the bowling alley with a boot to the ass.

It's not clear whether Black was just hammered and acting stupid or actually intended to go perv. He doesn't seem to have a record. But either way, he's since been arrested for suspicion of child luring and for being the biggest creep in a bowling alley, which any bowling fan will tell you is not a modest accomplishment.

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