Jennifer Leigh Jennings Arrested for Trying to Run Over Muslim Woman

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There's only one thing American goober Jennifer Leigh Jennings seems to dislike more than Muslims: Muslims who can't pump their own gas. That's the only conclusion you can come to after an incident in Tukwila on Saturday left two Muslim women bruised and shaken and Jennings in cuffs.

According to King County prosecutors, the hate crime action got started around 6 p.m., when Maryan, 34, and her niece Iman, 23, pulled into an Arco station. Realizing the pump she'd selected wasn't working, Iman started to walk inside, which is where she had her first run-in with Jennings.

Displaying all the tact of a Fox News commentator, Jennings allegedly called Iman a "terrorist," a "suicide bomber" and told her that if she couldn't pump gas properly she should "go back to her own fucking country." An unintentionally hilarious statement, considering Iman was born and raised in the U.S.

Being a pro at deflecting the abuse of her ignorant fellow citizens, Iman continued on into the store unfazed and told the clerk about the faulty pump. But when she came out she realized Jennings was infected with a particularly pernicious form of gooberitis.

As Iman walked out of the store she watched as Jennings slammed an open car door on Maryan's leg. Hustling over to get between the irate woman and her aunt, Iman was pushed and Maryan punched and kicked before they were finally separated from their attacker.

Thinking the ordeal was over, Iman was surprised moments later when she saw Jennings bearing down on her behind the wheel of a car. It was only after she'd escaped being run over that she called police.

Jennings was booked on two charges of malicious harassment. An arrest she attributed to one officer's dark complexion. "You're only doing this because he's the same race and religion as those two ladies," she told him, according to charging papers.

Despite police telling Iman and Maryan that Jennings was clearly drunk, they didn't charge her for DUI because they never actually saw her driving. She's since been released after posting bond.

Arsalan Bukhari, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, says that both Maryan and Iman are recovering, but still shaken up by the incident. He also adds that Maryan, while originally born in Somalia, has lived in Seattle for 16 years, and is also a U.S. citizen.

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