Imagine That, Cabin at Washaway Beach About to Wash Away

washaway beach.jpg
Note to home buyers: if you're about to purchase vacation property at a place called "Washaway Beach" it may behoove you to ask how the destination got its name. It's a lesson Justin Grant's family learned the hard way when their cabin near North Cove finally collapsed early on Sunday after the last 30 feet that had separated it from the Pacific Ocean eroded away.

As suggested by the name, Washaway Beach sports the most rapidly eroding coastline in the western United States (about 100 feet per decade). Grant tells KING 5 that there was a good 750 feet of grass between the house and the water when they bought the place back in July 2009.

The Washington State Department of Ecology states on its website that the erosion at Washaway Beach is caused by a northbound tidal channel that is getting deeper and wider. It has apparently claimed 20 houses in "recent decades" as well as done damage to the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge, which is known for its huge populations of chum, chinook, and coho salmon.

KING 5 has the visual.

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