Glenn Beck's Rants Reportedly Stoked CA Shooter as Well as Patty Murray's Stalker

Charlie Wilson, the Yakima County man who told Sen. Patty Murray she was "dead fucking meat," is not the only outraged wingnut who may have been spurred on by the blathering of Fox TV host Glenn Beck, the pride of Mount Vernon. In June, a California man, Byron Williams, shot at Highway Patrol officers while he was enroute to assassinate workers at San Francisco's Tides Foundation, egged by by Beck's persistent but fantasy claims the foundation was at the center of assorted left-wing plots.

In a jailhouse interview with Media Matters, Williams said of Beck's ravings about the government and conspiracies:

I look at it more like a schoolteacher on TV, you know? He's got that big chalkboard and those little stickers, the decals. I like the way he does it.

Media Matters CEO David Brock and Michael Keegan, President of People for the American Way, yesterday urged Sarah Palin to call for an end to such fear-mongering by the right.

That seemed a bit misdirected, however. Tides CEO Drummon Pike was more on point when, shortly after Williams' arrest, he could have been talking about both Williams and Wilson, when he said:

This incident serves to remind us that it should be the obligation of every American, especially those whose voices are amplified by the media, to foster civil discourse and dialogue among those who may disagree about public matters. One does not win an argument by inciting troubled people to violence.
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