First Reviews of Windows Phone 7: Good, But Not Good Enough

windows phone 7 phone.jpg
It's not enough that Microsoft come out with a good phone. Seeing as how Windows Phone 7 is being released four years after Apple launched its iPhone and two years after Google did the same with Android, a merely good offering won't be good enough for many people to go through the hassle of switching phones. So the bad news: according to the first reviews, Windows Phone 7 is good, but not good enough.

Says the Wall Street Journal:

Overall, I can't recommend Windows Phone 7 as being on a par with iPhone or Android--at least not yet. Unless you're an Xbox Live user, or rely on Microsoft's SharePoint corporate Web-based document system, it isn't as good or as versatile as its rivals.
Says Gizmodo:
Windows Phone 7 is really great. A solid foundation, it's elegant and joyful. True, a lot of that greatness is potential. But if anybody can follow through on their platform, it's Microsoft. Should you buy this instead of an iPhone or Android phone though? In six months, after the ecosystem has filled out, the answer will be more clear. But right now, Window Phone is definitely an option. Considering where Microsoft was just a year ago, that's saying a hell of a lot.
The phones are fine, but they're not going to sell anybody on the new platform.
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