Ferry Passengers Respond to Murray/Gaga Cover Censorship

meat suit 008.jpg
Since this week's issue of SW was pulled from all Washington State Ferries (WSF) for its allegedly tactless cover art, I decided to play newsboy for the afternoon and hear from the readers themselves. It turns out that the image of Patty Murray draped in bacon and pork cutlets isn't as offensive as WSF deduced.

At first, people were just about as receptive to my handouts as they would be to a petitioner pleading for signatures... that's until I decided to explain the censorship fiasco to the passersby: WSF, a governmental institution, had essentially censored the Weekly for a cartoon of Patty Murray modeling a meat suit.

"It's a violation of free speech," declared Lisa, when she heard that the issue had been pulled. "How stupid! We saw more of Lady Gaga than we do of Patty Murray in this picture."

"See, this is why I hate the government. It's censorship," said students Jesse and Eric after flipping through the issue.

Eric, a UW student who used to sketch nude models, identifies the political cartoon as an art form, although he acknowledges that some people might interpret it the wrong way.

"I'm the type of person who would usually be offended by nudity, too, but this is a political cartoon," said Kevin, another ferry-goer.

Two gentlemen headed for Bainbridge glanced once at Murray's innovative costume and politely turned it down. I guess they won't be voting for "Pork Patty"?

"I wonder about the suggestive placement of her sausage belt," chuckled Kevin. "But hey, I'm voting for Rossi anyways."

As one final, emphatic "fuck you", I took a heaping stack of the issue and decided to replenish the ferry terminal newsstand (photo above).

You're welcome.

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