Does Tony Wroten's Signing Signal the End of Abdul Gaddy's Husky Career?

If the Huskies receiving a commitment from a Seattle-Tacoma area point guard who's ranked among the top five at his position nationally sounds familiar, that's because it is. Garfield star Tony Wroten's decision to wear purple and gold next year is reminiscent of Bellarmine star Abdul Gaddy committing to the Dawgs less than two years ago. Let's just hope Wroten doesn't shit his diapers like Gaddy did in his freshman year at Hec Ed; and let the office wagering begin (hear that, Neuheisel?) as to whether Wroten's imminent arrival will spell Gaddy's end.

Put yourself in Gaddy's shoes. You fell remarkably short of expectations your first year out (your coach comparing you to Jason Kidd during the preseason sure didn't help lower 'em), never finding your rhythm playing alongside the Iverson-esque Isaiah Thomas. When you fucked up, which was early and often, off the bench came sixth man Venoy Overton, who rendered you a starter in name only. Thomas and Overton are still around, so things don't look to get much better this year. In fact, if anything, they're fixing to get worse, what with the arrival of prize recruit Terrence Ross, a 6'6" shooting guard from Oregon. Sure, Coach Lorenzo Romar'll run his share of three-guard sets, but that's still a stocked shelf.

The light at the end of Gaddy's tunnel is Overton's departure (he's a senior) at the conclusion of the 2010-2011 season. But then comes Wroten, a Benz to Gaddy's Hyundai who showed an admirable bit of selflessness in coming off the bench for the U.S. National Team as a defensive stopper and distributor in the U-17 world championships this summer in Germany. Wroten is bigger and better, more athletic and assertive than Gaddy. For his first team lunch, Wroten will doubtless be feasting on a plateful of Gaddy--and swiftly leapfrog him on the depth chart.

So what do you do if you're Gaddy? You transfer--not after this season, but immediately, when your lost frosh campaign can still be spun as the victim of immaturity and your stock is selling for more than a penny. Either that or you start fulfilling that absurd Second Coming of Kidd prophecy, ahora.

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