Cops Looking for Body Found By Rowing Team Floating Under Montlake Bridge

Seattle University's Rowing Club was putting in some practice time Wednesday night when they ran into an uncommon obstacle: what looked like a dead body. The discovery happened in the waters of Portage Bay near the Montlake Bridge and has police divers and a helicopter scouring the area trying to find it.

The PI reports that the rowers bumped into an object wrapped in a black tarp. Being courteous sportsman and not wanting others to run into it, they tried to tow it back to shore.

Somewhere along the way, however, the tarp unfurled and what "definitely" looked like a human body fell out.

"We both saw the shape of a human torso. Definitely looked like a human," said Seattle University Rowing Coach Zach Ellison. "(We) lifted it up a little more, unfurled (the tarp) and something rolled out."

Police divers have been combing the waters between Lake Washington and Lake Union ever since, but so far have come up empty-handed.

We'll update as soon as they pluck whatever the rowers saw out of the waves.

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