Christianity, Not Yoga, Is Where the Demons Lurk

Late last week, Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll blew the mats out of yoga studios everywhere by announcing that practitioners of the peaceful, pretzel art were "demonic," urging true followers of Christ to limber up in a more lordly manner. But what Driscoll conveniently left out was that there's a sect of Christians based in North Carolina which prides itself on being particularly demonic.

That group is the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest, a Winston-Salem college which served as the incubator for pro basketball stars Tim Duncan and Chris Paul. According to Wake Forest lore: "The school had gained its nickname in 1922 when a gentleman named Hank Garrity, Sr. took over coaching the college's athletic teams and revived the Deacon athletic program, which had fallen on hard times. As the Deacons started recording wins on a regular basis, the existing nicknames of 'Baptists' and 'Old Gold and Black' did not seem to capture the new spirit of Wake Forest athletics. When the Deacons pulled a particularly satisfying win off over rival Duke, sports editor Mayon Parker of Ahoskie searched for a new phrase to describe the 'devilish' spirit that marked the athletic teams. He found that description in 'Demon Deacon.'"

The Demon mascot soon became known for his shenanigans. According to the school's website, in the Fifties, the Deacon "sent shock waves through a Bowman Gray [Stadium] crowd one afternoon when he dropped his pants - only to reveal a pair of Bermuda shorts."

Can you imagine a self-respecting yogi wearing Bermuda shorts? Clearly, Driscoll's barking down the wrong hole.

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