Children's Hospital Procedures Now Facing Three Reviews by State Medical Prober\\

Osman Ali
In the wake of a legal settlement over the death of a 15-year-old boy, Children's Hospital now faces state review in three other treatment cases, two involving the deaths of newborns and a third focusing on an operation that left a 2-year-old brain damaged. State investigators may also be reviewing circumstances surrounding an allegedly mistaken injection procedure that put an adult emergency patient at risk.

The family of the 2-year-old, Osman Ali, called a news conference last week to related the circumstances that left Ali so disabled he must be fed through a tube in his nose. He suffered permanent brain damage in February after a heart operation at Children's. The family complained to the Washington state Department of Health, and has now been notified a state investigation is underway.

KING-TV reports the three state probes at Children's consist of a check of hospital policy and procedures by the DOH's Facilities and Services division, an examination of surgical operations by the Medical Quality Assurance Commission, and a review of nursing staff actions by the Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission.

Ali's father, Nasir, says he was told that one of his son's arteries ruptured during a balloon catheterization. "But 'why?' - we don't know any of that," said Nasir. Children's says, however, the procedure was necessary and involved some risks. "It's important to understand the complication this child experienced is not an unexpected one," Children's Dr. Thomas Jones told the Seattle Times, adding that it happens in about 2 percent of cases.

Ali, the Times noted, questioned whether doctors properly monitored and treated Osman's bleeding afterward, but Jones declined to comment on that.

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