Bob Boardman Killed By Mountain Goat During Hike

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Bob Boardman was a nurse, a guitarist, a skilled woodworker and an avid hiker. Unfortunately, the 63-year-old man from Port Angeles is also now a statistic: the first person ever to have died because of an incident involving an animal in Olympic National Park.

According to the Peninsula Daily News, Boardman, his wife and a family friend were on a day hike on Saturday. They'd just reached the top of Klahhane Ridge and had stopped for lunch when they were approached by a mountain goat.

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Olympic National Park officials say the mountain goat in question had been aggressive before, but never attacked.
Park officials say this ram was known for its aggressive behavior. In the past they'd shot it with bean bags and thrown rocks at it in an attempt to stop it from following hikers on the ridge. But they'd always stopped short of killing it because it hadn't actually attacked anyone. That changed on Saturday.

No one who's still alive actually saw what happened next. Boardman had made his wife and friend go back down the trail to safety while he tried to shoo the ram away. All they heard was a scream.

When they scrambled back up the trail they saw Boardman lying on the ground, with the ram standing atop him. Boardman had been gored in the thigh and was bleeding heavily.

An off-duty park ranger out for a hike with his family was finally able to beat back the ram. But by the time he was able to reach Boardman it was nearly an hour after the attack, and he no longer had a pulse.

Rangers shot and killed the ram shortly thereafter. They said they recognized it because of the blood on its horn.

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