Rich Old Guy Showdown: Bill Gates, Sr. and Slade Gorton Debate Income Taxes Tonight

Bill Gates, Sr. is so excited to give up a chunk of his personal wealth (his kid isn't the only well-off Gates) that he allowed a bunch of kids to drop him in a dunk tank for a campaign commercial. Former Republican Senator Slade Gorton, who now works as a lobbyist on behalf of Microsoft and the airline industry, wants to keep the cash he's making in a notoriously lucrative field. The two men go head to head at Edmonds Community College tonight on the topic of the state income tax initiative.

Its a town hall style showdown moderated by Edmonds City Councilmember D.J. Wilson. Details on how you can toss out your questions in this fiscal policy smackdown between two very old rich guys are below the jump.

Gates and Gorton (along with two people you've never heard of) will be defending their positions at 7 p.m. at the Black Box Theater at Edmonds Community College (20000 68th Ave W., Lynnwood). Its free to get in but there are only 200 seats and probably at least that many people in the northern Puget Sound area with very strong feelings on taxation, so get there early.

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