Four-Year-Old Boy Shoots Mother With Shotgun

little kid shotgun.jpg
My grandma always said, "Caleb, never turn your back on your four-year-old son, because that little scamp might just load a cartridge into a shotgun and shoot ya!" Everyone always thought ol' Grammy was a little crazy for issuing such a specific warning about such an unlikely event. Especially since I didn't have a son. But today, I think we can all agree that, while she may have been suffering from some mild dementia, Grammy was also on to something.

A 23-year-old Kitsap woman was taken to the hospital yesterday with non-life-threatening injuries after her four-year-old son shot her in the side with a semiautomatic shotgun.

The woman told detectives that she didn't hear the boy loading the weapon because she had her back turned and was talking on the phone. She also said she had no idea how he got access to the shotgun. But she does know how he got the cartridge.

According to the Kitsap County police, the boy's father had given him the cartridge earlier after the child had shown an interest in firearms. (Well, duh.) Apparently the gift did not also include a stern warning about how he shouldn't use it to shoot his mother. Maybe his grandma can be the one to deliver that lesson.

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